Patient Send Off

Well, here is the medical team with Efadel and his mother.  It was a sad and happy day when we sent them off.  He is now walking some on his own, and the infection sights are almost totally healed.  They are still changing the bandages every day and coming back for check-ups every few days.  
We kind of got attached to him and them to us so it was hard to see them go, but it’s so exciting that he’s doing so well AND that his parents found the Lord while they were here.  

Mis Rhoda, and my brother Jere taking vitals in the waiting room.  
Jere and his family were here for 6 weeks.  Jere worked in the shop mostly and in the clinic a few times.  He’s a volunteer EMT in WI so enjoyed getting his hands in on a few medical things.  

Mis Breanna and I draining a nasty abscess
Michael, Virginia, and I were able to attend a radiology class that Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) offered at their base out by Port Au Prince.  We really enjoyed the class, but needed to get back yet Thurs evening so we could be here for clinic Fri.  It was probably 4:30 pm or so till we left the CAM base.  We still had some stops before hitting the trail out of T-Goave toward home.  I was about 8:30 pm when we were leaving T-Goave.  It looked like we should be home before 11–not so bad–but half way home, the picture below is what met our eyes!  Notice the angle at which the truck is setting.  To his right was a steep bank, and he was barely 2 feet from it, to his left was a 3 foot drop off into a river.  He was stuck in the river with his empty two wheel drive dump truck–couldn’t back up or go forward.  Thus we were stuck too on the “away from home” side of the river.  We tried pulling him out, no success.  After a while some of us got in the back of the dump truck for a little weight and bounced as the driver rocked the machine back and forth.  Finally after pulling, rocking, filling in ditches with rocks, we were successful in getting him out, and we all went on our merry way.  

Stuck dump truck

This is the view from the bed of the dump truck looking down toward our Land Cruiser after we got the trucked backed up.  They were filling in the ditches for him to try to go forward again.  We finally got home just before midnight.  
~Mis Anita

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