Today is Tuesday. We started the day busy with blood pressures. The line was reaching way back to the door for a few minutes, until Breanna came around the corner. She got busy real quick at diminishing the numbers.
    Philip and Miriam Rudolph spent a few minutes checking in on our day. Maybe that is why it ended so smoothly.
    After getting home, we quick-fixed some lunch, and prepared to go to visit a lady in Molliere. She has a seven month old baby that was born in our clinic. One day she told Breanna that she must come visit her at her house. Today was the day!

     The sky had a couple dark clouds floating above us, and a frisky breeze was blowing. That was a good thing, because we had a pretty sturdy hill ahead of us to climb. Along the way we met our friend’s son, who showed us the way to her house.
     As we walked into the courtyard, our friend’s hurricane-beaten house came into view. She greeted us, and wondered if she could make us some Chocolate to drink. While we sat on the chair holding the baby, and another neighbor’s baby, we watched her prepare us a special treat.
    We watched them wash our cups with long grass. Then we saw them start a fire, grate ginger, and shred chocolate into a big kettle. Soon we were sipping steaming cups of chocolate/ginger drink and eating Haitian bread. Following the snack, we had a bit of talk time and prayer.
    It was time to leave. We had a gorgeous walk back home. After all that beauty we should be ready to face anything at clinic tomorrow.

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