Ever get tired of baby pictures?

You guessed it, there was another birth at clinic.  
The lady came in late Sunday morning so we ended up spending the day there.  Now that we’re at the new clinic, we can hang out in the nurses’ room or another room of the clinic and still be near enough to make frequent checks on our patient.  
A healthy 7 lbs baby boy was born around 8:45 pm.  We wrapped things up and headed home at a decent hour.   
Mother, baby, and I
The sad thing was that our night was short lived, as someone else knocked on the gate around 1:30 am. This time it was a lady who was 8 months pregnant but having complications.  We decided we should take her out to T-Goave for further treatment.  So on about 1 1/2 hours of sleep my cousin Julian and I prepared to head out with the lady and her husband.  By about 5:15 we pulled into the T-Goave hospital, and got our patient admitted.  
We loaded up a few things from Pastors Levi’s, fueled up the Gator, and headed back up the trail around 7am.  Just where you leave the main road, there was a stand selling fresh hot “pates” (a fried dough with meat inside).  Julian and I were both starving so we bought a few.  The pates along with a jug of tampico a piece made for a good breakfast on the trail!
By the time we got home clinic was just starting, but I was so tired I could hardly stay on my feet.  I headed to bed and slept a while.  You just never know what a day (or a night) may hold.  
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