Wednesday Night Birth!

During clinic on Wednesday, a first time soon-to-be mom arrived at clinic in the (very) beginning stages of labor. We checked on her throughout the day, and by 11:00pm, she still had barely progressed and didn’t seem to be too active.  We thought about staying the night at the clinic but decided that due to it being her first baby (labor typically takes a long time), and also the fact that’d we have a busy day of clinic the next day, we should just go home and wait for them to call us. We told the laboring lady’s friend who was staying with her to contact us if she became more active.
At 1:30am, I heard CLANG CLANG CLANG at the gate. I woke up Anita, and we got ready as quickly as we could. I must confess, I was mumbling, half asleep during the 3 minutes it took me to get ready, and during the 2-3 minute walk on the way to the clinic – that this was ridiculous for that lady to be getting us two hours after we had just checked her and almost nothing was happening! Out of our warm, cozy beds, out into the chilly evening…On the road on our way there, there came an excited figure running towards us from the clinic, as soon as she got to us, she turned around and high tailed it back to the clinic in front of us.  What in the world? I knew it was the lady’s friend. I could that she was quite worked up, and she was mumbling something about being out of breath, that’s all I could understand.  I was about laughing then, this lady was such a crazy sight running up and down the road, and I started mumbling again in my half asleep state that we’ll probably get there and the laboring lady will most likely be in the same state we left her. That’s usually how it is when they wake us up at night. 🙂
Well, we stepped into the hospital room, and were all shocked (the lady’s messenger too!) to hear the wail of a baby! 
There she was, a healthy baby girl and a happy mom, and a relieved messenger. 🙂 
Can’t you just imagine what she’s thinking?  

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