It has been a very interesting weekend and Monday morning to say the least.
Friday a 70 year old man came to the clinic, with congestive heart failure, Brian told me that the heart beat sounds like water just swishing around, someone else described it as an old washing machine swishing around, nevertheless, this gentleman has a really bad heart, and we can’t do much for him at all, only possible help their is, would be outside the country, and that’s a maybe, usually they don’t operate on old folks like that. He was released to go home on Saturday. Pray for him, he doesn’t know the Lord.
Then shortly afternoon as Brian was doing some more training a 27 year old lady was brought in who had cholera, the rush was on to quarantine her and get an IV started. She improved right away quite a bit, while they were working with her, some of us guys cleaned out the entrance to the depot and hung some tarps, all the while praying this was an isolated case. After we had everything set up Anita moved the lady over to the depot. Katie, our new nurse, is the CTC nurse, (for now at least).
This morning or maybe I should say around 3- 3:30AM, another cholera patient showed up, from the same area as the first lady.
We are asking that you all pray that this won’t turn into another full fledged epidemic and that all of us will stay healthy.
Steve is trying to get an organization to go check the area out where they come from, it’s dangerous to have them walk over here because it is so contagious.
Brian letting Nathan and Megan listen to the guys heart beat.

Started up IV and she came right back to. Anita spraying bleach spray.

All settled in, in the depot.
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