Cholera/Clinic Updates.

   A quick update on our neighbor, Moise went out to Ti-Goave to have his 3rd toe amputated on Sunday afternoon with Pastor Levy, this morning we heard that the hospital in town won’t amputate it under $2500.00 Haitian Dollars, ($312 USD) They can’t afford that, so we are looking for a hospital that will do it for less.

   I don’t believer any of us were very surprised this morning when we got up and heard that we had another cholera patient on the way, our third one, we barely had her settled in when the fourth one came. And shortly after that two more showed up, thankfully the last two were not that bad and we could release them a few hours after watching them.
   So we are now down to 3, but that can change quite quickly. Anita and Katie have been the main nurses for the CTC, and it has been a blessing having Brian here also, he did the night shift so the girls could get some much needed rest, and this morning Brian went to the clinic and helped do consultations with Dilo, a young man that knows English well, he translated for Brian.
   As you can see below, Delwyn, Ben and myself spent most of the morning leveling the ground beside the depot and setting up the cholera tent for more room. Breakfast at 11:45 AM was much needed!!!
   We heard this morning that the chief medical doctor from Ti-Goave is supposed to go back to the area where these cholera patients are from and see how wide spread it is.

They come on all kinds of interesting looking stretchers.
This gentlemen came in on a chair stretcher.
Just finished setting up the tent.
    This little girl came to the clinic this morning with her daddy, she is 18 months old, we are not sure exactly what the problem is, either she has worms or an impacted Colan. They decided to send her out to town, Rhoda filled out transfer papers and got her ready to go.
This is the little girl with the constipated stomach.
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