CTC Update

Well I am pleased to tell you all this beautiful morning that the CTC is empty, we haven’t had anyone coming in now for the last 2 days for sure, there have been a few people that come in but they don’t have cholera so we release them.
We are really praying hard that the scare has ended and we can relax and get back into a more normal routine now.
Just to let give an update on the publicity we got through this all, the doctor for the clinic went on TV last week and talked about the cholera clinic etc here, we heard it through the grape vine somehow, on Saturday the Red Cross shows up to check things out and dropped of some meds for cholera treatment, Marcel the Police Chief we heard was on the radio after that, and then on Monday a motto stops here at the gate and this well dressed lady jumps of, she was sent out by the Minister of Health, to see if everything was true that they heard and she talked to all the patients that were here at the time, before she left she said that she will get to work and open a treatment centre in the area where the cholera patients are coming from. I am not sure if they have already, we haven’t heard yet.
Oops, I just heard Nathan telling Katie he will call her if he needs an IV put in, so that means a patient did arrive, but now Nate is telling me he believes its not cholera, just a flue bug.
Anyway continue to pray with us that this epidemic is over and won’t start again.

Empty cots, clean room.
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