God Grant Us Wisdom

We have been blessed with a slower pace at the CTC, we only have one patient on IV and one on observation, we’ve only had one come in since yesterday morning.
We did get word that they have been out yesterday and today to treat the water sources, and we are still expecting more people but hoping none will come.

This 12 year old boy came to the clinic yesterday and after checking him out Katie noticed his head is full of abcesses, incredibly itchy and very painful. Dr. Benish was here and he said all his hair needs to be cut to drain all the puss.
You can only imagine how painful the cries and anguish was from him, at times begging to stop, thrashing around, and ending up on the floor a few times, lolipops didn’t help to much in this case.
Standing there watching and walking through the clinic and observing different people faces, happy, sad, joyful, hurting, in pain, question filled eyes, and then walking back to the mission, and seeing a person carried in on a stretcher, another coming on a horse, I got this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that I could be here, and see God’s love being poured out in a literal way, seeing the deacon lead out in song as the people waited, someone else handing out tracks and booklets, and talking to people about the gospel, then I got this picture of Jesus and how His life was filled with healing people, and how they started believing in Him. Keep praying for the work here. Thank you all for you prayer and support

Miss Leda, is cutting all his hair of.

Here you can see some of the abcesses all over his head.

Katie putting in her first IV, this gentlemen came in with Shigellosis.
It’s intestinal infection and also causes diareaha. He was brought to the CTC
gate on a stretcher so we thought it was cholera but it wasn’t, so Anita is
is letting Kaiti put the IV in, worked first try. Then his family carried him
down to the clinic for an over night stay.
I found it interesting that they would walk from 5 hours away and bring 17
family members along.
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