Broken Arm/s

   This young boy came in early in the morning, one of the first patients, he was heading to school and somehow slipped and fell, who knows where and how far and we’ll never figure out either, but anyway the result of the fall was a clean cut about 5 inches behind his wrist. Anita decided to put on a splint for now and tomorrow Steve will be taking him out to town for x-ray and a full hard cast.

Can you see where the break in the arm is? It’s pretty bent right there.
Anita, Delwyn and Megan, hold the splint and the arm,
waiting for it to harden, it’s a temporary splint
to keep it in place,

Steve asked Alex to come with us to see the little boy, and maybe tell him
it’s all going to be alright, they both look no to impressed.
Alex your my little buddy!!!!!!!!!!

There is a team of surgeons here from Florida with AFH, (Aid For Haiti) Michael picked them up on Sunday and they are going to be doing around 40 hernia surgeries at a hospital 1 hour or so west of Ti- Goave, so we are taking 5 patients out there from Aleggre that have hernia’s as well.
After that we head back to Ti-Goave and Pastor Levy is supposed to bring back the young man back from the hospital in Karfu, where he had his scalp removed and all the infection cleaned, I believe he had two surgeries to get everything fixed up, now we’re bringing him back and we are thinking we will have him here in the hospital room at the clinic for quite awhile to continue giving him care and make sure everything stays clean until he is well enough to go home.

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