Surgery Team

   A team of surgeons and nurses flew in from the US this past week, to do around 40 hernia surgeries, at the Lacolline, hospital about an hour south west of Ti- Goave, we had 5 patients from Allegre that need the surgery to, so Steve and I took them out there on Wednesday, only 2 showed up before we left and we picked another one up on the trail after we left the mission.

   We dropped the boy of with the broken arm, at the hospital in Ti-Goave, then headed to Lacolline. After we got there and dropped the patients of, we were invited to watch Dr, Philip remove a large infected growth from a 17 year old ear, that comes from ear piercings, they were a little more then half the size of a gold ball.
   After that we went into a nice air conditioned room where Dr. Wade was performing a hernia surgery, but as we were watching the electric catter machine blew a resister, and because of the infection that could come from an open wound they sewed the person shut, and Michael went searching for another machine, a couple hours away in Cayes, on the south shore. That machine is used to cut and at the same time in singes the blood vessels and there is next to no blood loss whatsoever.
   In the mean time we headed back to Ti-Goave and waited there for Michael to find a machine and if he didn’t we wouldn’t have gone towards Port, to look for one we could borrow from a hospital, but after not finding one in 3 hospitals in Cayes, he finally found one in the fourth that they borrowed to Michael after some much explaining. We are thankful though that the surgery’s could go on.

The entrance to the hospital where the surgeries were being done.
Dr. Philip working on removing the infection. 
Nicely stitched up and ready to go home now.

Dr. Wade and his staff working on the hernia patient.

Michael taking the machine apart.

Notice the small round resister just a bit right of the center of the picture?
You can see a small black line, that resister blew, shutting the surgery down.
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