I’m Wondering…

What to blog about today?  I think for this time I’m just going to post a few pictures of a young boy that came in this last Friday evening.  His mom said he stepped on a rock.  Poor guy, must have been a sharp one, as you can see!

  It was really neat getting to see how thick the skin was on the bottom of his foot!  🙂

 Notice Rho’s sterile field in the left of the picture… she’s getting ready to start her mending job! 🙂

She did a great job of cleaning, numbing, and stitching him up! 
Sorry I don’t have more to write.  🙂 
Things have been really strange around here the last few days without Steve and Shana and the children…   Yesterday afternoon Shana came back up here to the mission to pack for their trip back to the States.   Now this afternoon just as soon as we finish up a few things (this being one of them:) and do some quick packing, the rest of us here are planning to head down the mountain to join them for the night and then drive back up here again early Thursday morning in time for clinic.  
We’re so looking forward to spending tonight together again!  Not looking forward to saying goodbye to them for now…  Thank you all who are praying!  We can definitely sense it!   Things are changing- too fast, it seems, but we still have peace, trusting that God is orchestrating all these events! 
And it’s very exciting to see how God is using this to touch individuals here!  Please pray especially for Madame Moyiz, the witch doctor…  From things she’s been saying, she seems to have a new awareness of her state before God and is seeing her need for salvation, but is afraid of potential opposition.   God is at work!  It’s comforting to see that and be assured that He has beautiful purposes for everything He does and allows.   We know that ALL things work together for good…
All for now, I need to skidaddle before I get left behind…:)

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