Where Are My Teeth?

     We were driving up the road from Laogane when Fre Daniel met us, telling us that no nurses were in the clinic and a real bad wound had come in.
     In a few minutes, we were sheathed in our scrub tops and hurrying down to see who was there. By the time we got there, Mis Leda was busy dabbing blood. “This boy needs to go to town,” she told me. I started praying. The boys were exhausted. They had been on the road all night taking a lady who was seizuring with eclampsia. Only now did they finally get a chance to find some pillows and a bed.

    “God, we just don’t need this boy’s tongue to keep bleeding,” I prayed as we started our clinic day an hour later than usual. “Can’t you just make it stop?”
    As Mis Leda continued stitching, the bleeding slowed down. She stitched the hole above his lips. And then, there was the big stitch job on his scalp. Kate says it was one of those deep skull cuts again.
    Precious little man. He didn’t cry. The IV was sagely dripping into his arm. His teeth were sitting back up there in the roof of his mouth. And he wasn’t even crying. Just trying to hold still. And then the bleeding was STOPPING.

    So after a night in the hospital room, he was still bravely grunting since he couldn’t talk. He was blubbering down coffee. I was so excited. His tongue wasn’t too bad. But there sat his teeth. Up in the roof of his mouth. Knocked way up. Stuck up there.
    After a while, he was on his way to TiGoave for a dentist… We were happy. But the pregnant lady who walked off is still here.
    So we are wondering if she will run off again. But then again, if she wants to, I guess we can’t keep her here. But I think she is back to stay. She only made it to the top of the nearest hill, and then she was begging to come back to bed. So we made up another bed for her.

     I just had to add this little man on to the blog here. He is not blessed with total mental capabilities. But he always is so sweet. He loves to have a little pain medication and some lotion. He just wanted to tell me that he is praying for me. It made my day. Prayers can do that.


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