Life is Good-Especially if…

     I am looking for the Aunt to this baby. I thought the baby was cute…and was already taking a picture of her, when I really read what the shirt said. So if you are related, own up. We are looking for the priviledged AUNT.

     Yesterday we took a little ride out to Bassinguette again. Our dear sick friend Elvie had finally gotten her call to Heaven, and we wanted to visit with the family and attend the burial service.
     I will have a hard time expressing the emotions of our afternoon. You wanted to cry. You wanted to start crying because Elvie’s husband was motioning to the tomb outside of their house with an empty, sad set of hands that showed Elvie was going to be put in there. He just wrung his hands and pleaded for hope. His daughter was wailing on a bench nearby, supported by a kind relative. We watched as the drunk husband tramped over to comfort his weeping daughter.
     “Miss Woda,” she cried out when I joined her,” I won’t have a Mama again. She left me.” I found myself crying…again.

      And then you needed to dab  your eyes one more time because the one Christian daughter was singing a church song with her head uplifted, eyes closed, and tears streaming down her face. But she had hope. She was bound for heaven. She would see her mother again.

     And then there was Mr. Lamont. We walked down a rustic little trail to find him. He was lying on a bamboo mat, swollen from his waist down. Poor man. He has a huge sore on each of his legs. We are hoping that his friends can carry him to the clinic before too long so we can give him some consistent care and get him back on his feet. If they cannot, we will try to send him meds and bandages to expedite his recovery.
     Tomorrow is another day. Life is good. We know it in our hearts, even if our faces don’t show it!



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