Happy Little Things

    “Good-morning, Weelie! What’s up?”

     I had to keep touching him to be sure that he was real. This little bouncy boy was a preemie baby, at death’s door just ten months ago…and now he is happy and fat. Today he came in with a Candidiasis infection and we treated him for that. I am already looking forward to his rendezvous when I get a good excuse to hold him again. His mom, who is mentally slow, just sits there and smiles as we rave over the miracle of Weelie’s life.
    And you should meet our other day brightener patient- a thin, little, old man. He has an abscess on his neck, and doesn’t want to go out to town, away from his little grand-children, to get help. We told him we can give him a Ceftriaxone shot every day, if he would like to try that method of treatment instead. This week, he is living with a friend, so he can come every day, because it takes him all day to walk to his house and back if he goes the whole way home.

    I pity him. He said when he got sick, his wife left him and he got little. We like to give him a small can of milk every day, and he just loves it.
     Cheers for Whitney! She performed her first stitch job today. I must say she did a very competent job. I am excited about all her progress in the last couple weeks!

        Have a great evening, everyone! God bless- Mis Woda

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