The Sad Suffering…

  …of the very old and the very young always seems most unfair. Like this little guy who had one of the saddest faces I’ve ever seen. His eyes, his skin, and his tiny limbs all spoke of terrible disease…or was it terrible neglect? Or both? His eyes were so strangely stretched open he couldn’t close them all the way. He managed to squeak out a few weak cries as I bathed him and rubbed cream into his chapped body.We sent him to town for tests and continued care.

 This poor old man came in this morning…just a few months too late. He had hurt his finger in his garden and totally neglected it till now.  It was swollen huge and full of rotten holes running with pus. Ro stuck a lollie pop into his mouth to try to distract him from the terrible pain as my applicator went straight through the side of his finger and out the other side.

…And here’s a sweet new baby that came FAST last night for Mis Ro and Kindra. 🙂
Have a blessed day everyone! -Mis Kate
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