Picture Our Day

Is it that bad being a twin? One of our pregnancy program ladies had a surprise of twins born in her house. Everything went well, and at this point, the babies look great. Whitney and Marcile got to bathe them, and choose some cozy clothes for them.

      Two of our patients this week, were preferring being helped outside.  One is a very serious diabetes case. Her brother Alexis was the man who we just blogged about, who died with the demons in his body. When his sister came to our clinic, only a week and a day later, it sparked a lot of interest in our minds. We had heard that his sister had gotten demons thrown out of her, and so, when this teeny little mite of a thing showed up, our hearts went out to her.
    I decided to ask her about the demons. She said, “No, she doesn’t have any on her, but she did stop going to church. I asked her if maybe this was the day that she would want to return to God, and ask for pardon.
    “Any time,” she replied, looking seriously into my eyes.
    “Shall we pray now?” I asked.
    It was so precious to hear her ask God to forgive her sins. Her smile was so sweet when we were done.  Every time I poked her for a blood sugar check or an IV, she was so patient. I couldn’t help comparing the peace in her body with the fear in Alexis’ eyes.

    Everyone knows Joe by now. We tried to take him to the big hospital in Mirebalais, but it didn’t work out. His family wasn’t supportive enough, and by now, he is too weak to go again. But we wonder if God has him here for a reason. He is so popular, and everyone knows about him. But it is because of his terrible, rotting body, not because he says a lot. We decided to give him his own little room in our old storage shed. Mali, along with a bit of help from the rest of us, spear-headed spreading some paint on the dismal walls and cleaning up the place for Joe’s last days.

 Please meet Marquise, our very trustworthy new Haitian nurse, who is working while Mis Leda is on maternity leave. We love her already.

And here is our “student nurse”, Saintilia, who dreams of working here full time some day. She is standing beside MARCILE.  Marcile is labeled nurse of the day, because she went home this morning, and brought each of us white nurses coffee and cupcakes. I would say that she knows something about helping nurses cope with a busy Tuesday, wouldn’t you?

Our team thanks everyone for their prayers. We just want to bless God for all He has done for us today! -Mis Woda, for the rest

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