Random shots of Clinic life….

     If you love diversity, work in Aylgue Clinic!!! Sometimes after work is over we just have laugh at all we see and experience.
 “Mis, are  you going to let my foot soak again today???” says the old blind grandpa that uses a match to hold the back of his baseball cap together. He is blind and loves to soak his feet in Whit’s Epsom salt that is wonderfully scented. His foot has about 7 little pus filled pustules that are kind of strange. He sits on the bench with his foot soak, and claps ,sings and sways to the music playing over the speakers. It brings a smile to our lips every time. Thank you Lord for funny people that cheer up nurses.!!
  Here is a picture of one more “foot problem” He smashed his foot really bad 2 years ago and went to Tit Guave to get it fixed, he tells me wincing while I apply pressure to release the pus. Right now it looks slightly different, the top is open and there is a 3/4 in. deep and 3 in. long hole. Thanks to Whit’s Epsom salt I don’t have to plug my nose anymore while cleaning it out. 🙂

While cleaning the hospital room the other day this man offered to help me. I was slightly shocked. They usually sit on the beds or chairs and watch the “blans” do the work. He picked up the broom and made the dust fly literally!! He moved all the beds and cleaned every corner!! Cheers for willing workers! 
 This little lady walked into the clinic gate and fell to the ground. She had been beaten so badly by her uncle. Her body had bruises all over and she wouldn’t talk at first. A little later I came to the room to check up on her and make sure she was ok. She started talking and telling me the story. So much suffering. We have so much to be thankful for.The man who beat her was there and ummmmmm it was hard to treat him with love. But his dark,evil soul needs Jesus just as much as his beat up niece.
Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!
-Mis Mali
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