Clorox Kills-Jesus Saves

     We had just jumped out of bed. Our gardener came, a bit agitated, and told us that a friend had drunk Clorox. Mali ran and grabbed the hospital cot, so that they could bring the lady the rest of the way to the hospital. We threw ourselves somewhat together, and headed out the door…

    When Christela, our patient arrived, her mouth was clamped shut, and she was “out cold”. 
     Our IV insertion was a bit difficult, but we finally got one in. We weren’t having success pulling her teeth apart, so we got prepared to send her out to town. We kept asking her why she was crying, but she couldn’t say. 
    Her family arrived one by one, and then her husband. The story continued to unfold. This morning, Christela’s father-in-law spoke terrible things to her.That did it. That was too much for Christela. The next thing the world knew, Christela was lying down with a Clorox/Klerin bottle beside her.

    About an hour later, her husband returned from feeding his animals, found the bottle, and hurried to the hospital. He was clutching the bottle in his hand, pacing the tile emergency room floor, telling the story, while we worked over her body.
   Brother Daniel prayed a prayer over the bed of the invalid, and then we hoisted her onto the waiting machine. Was it Good-bye forever to Christela?
    When Donovan was about in town, Christela threw up. Oh, thank you, God! Donovan turned around and came home. Christela was now talking. Mali spent awhile talking with her and she said she would like to pray.

    Christela prayed the Believer’s Prayer, but she is still very weak, and seems depressed. We hope to visit her tomorrow, and keep praying for her, that she could be a light in her dark family. 
     If Christela’s story had ended in death, only God knows where the killing would have stopped. These kinds of things show what God can do when He performs a miracle through love and prayer. I praise the Lord for the chance that He is giving this family today, and I hope that Christela begins a chain of life and hope, instead of the Hate and Death that Satan intended. 
     (Just a note of interest…before we sent Christela out to town, our local witch doctor swept in, spent a bit of time over the bed, and then left. I really feel God wants to show His power in this situation, and I rejoice in the God that we serve.)

     Shortly after our day commenced with normal consultations, we had a little girl walk in with a finger about cut off. We noticed a piece of bone in the piece that was about to fall off, so we cut that out, and stitched her up. With antibiotics, a small splint, and, the beautiful healing power of the Lord, we hope for the best. 
     God bless your night. Let’s keep strong for God!  Rhoda and the Ahlege Team
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