Sugar Highs and Rainy Skies

Have we written about Monique?  Or maybe you remember Alexi, the man that died a few weeks ago?  She is his older sister, 33 years old.  
When she first came to the clinic a couple weeks ago looking like little more than a skin-covered skeleton, Rho asked her if she was a Christian, and she said that she had been but that she had left the Lord.   Rho asked her if she wanted to return, and she said she wanted to pray right away! 

She has such a peaceful countenance now.  I always enjoy seeing her smile when she comes.  

She’s s’posed to come every day for an insulin shot cause she has terribly high blood sugar.  So high that our little reader, which stops reading at 500, often just says HI when we check her sugar levels!   
The problem has been that she’s too weak to walk here, and she can only come if they can find an animal for her to ride, which isn’t usually every day.  But we’re excited cause yesterday one of her cousins who lives close by her said she’d be willing to give her the shot every day!  

Last week we had a mini vacation due to a rainy spell when hardly any patients dared to venture down the slippery trails to come to the clinic.  
The first day the sun shined again, a small crowd of brave people tried the trails, one of which came needing stitches from falling.  Those trails were just a little too slick!

Another stich job the same morning!  This guy, Aneol, misplaced his machete a little and ended up with a gash on his anterior wrist…fairly easy fix with ten stitches!

We enjoyed having extra time to do some deep-cleaning at the clinic that we rarely find time to do, and planning some more “relaxation-al” things.   Like Tuesday evening when we had our Haitian nurses down and made a special Haitian supper together…:)

Our vacation ended the next day when the sun came out again, but we were ready to get back to work and see our patients again!  This week looks like it’ll be extra busy cause two of our three Haitian nurses left for the week.     Please keep praying for the Haitians here, and also for us working here at the mission.  It can be overwhelming and tiring at times, finding the grace to give to others day after day when you feel empty yourself.  I’ve been very aware lately of the powers of darkness attacking in my own life, but also of the reality of God’s saving grace.  And I don’t say ‘saving grace’ because it’s the thing you say, it has saved and continues to save my life in Christ.  I realize that for all of us living as Christians, our spiritual victory lies in simply believing the promises of God.  And sometimes it’s a constant battle, choosing to resist the lies and doubts that Satan would love for us to believe, but God’s grace is even more constant!   And so…we press on the upward way!  🙂
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