Training, Processing, and Acting!!

Clinic life this week has been relatively slow compared to the past several weeks. Our week has been full though with training and teaching sessions. Brian Evelth, a paramedic and Mary Strubar a Nurse Partitioner/ Midwife came down for a week. Every afternoon is spent at the clinic filling our brains. 

One thing I have been thinking about a lot this week is why are we here? What is our goal for the clinic? To save lives our save souls? Of course, we would all like to see saved lives and souls. How many times do we focus so much in saving the life, we forget about the soul? If we have done all we can do with in our resources am I willing to give that patient over to God? We as humans will never have all the answers no matter how much education we may have. How quickly do I go to the one who has all the answers when I am in various situations? Do I wait until I have practiced all the knowledge/ skills I have before asking God for His help? 
These are some questions I had to challenge myself with. 
I would like each one who is in health care to challenge yourself and do a reality check. I know how easy it is with advanced medical care to get a diverted perspective. It is important to daily do a reality check and ask our selves, what is my purpose? What would Jesus do in these situations? 
As a soldier of Jesus Christ I want my light to shine in the hearts of each patient I see. 
Let’s keep pressing on! 
~ Alyssa 
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