The Work Goes On

The road between the clinic and the mission house is lined with growing crops.

 The last several weeks have been filled with visitors from North America. It’s been great to have the extra help for some of the projects that we have been doing around here. Another blessing is the many things that are brought down in the luggage of these visitors. Things that friends and family have sent as well as some medical supplies for the clinic.

Ellamae does patients’ vitals in the morning with our new vital sign monitor, a major upgrade from the home grade BP cuffs we’ve been using until now.

  Clinic has been going on as usual. Large crowds each day but not more then we can handle. Reflecting back on how things were last year at this time makes me realize how much we have to thank our Father for.  Last year around this same time we were dealing with many things such as life threatening complications during births that resulted in quite a few emergency runs out the long and bumpy trail. Things have been going much smoother this year.
  One project that has been going on is the building of a small screened in addition outside the back door of the clinic. This will create a much needed spot to take a quick break when things get to hectic inside the clinic as well as be a place where linens from the clinic can be washed.

  Some of our visitors helped finish up the painting on the little shed above the clinic, it has finally been transformed from a crooked little stone shack to something that actually has a touch of its own Caribbean charm. I’m reasonably sure that in the US no one would trust a laboratory that was being run in a building that looked like this, but here in Haiti, it fits right in.

Mali’s younger sister, Isabelle, begins painting the front of the soon to be laboratory

  I am struck every day by the beauty in this corner of the world. The fields are now green with waist high corn growing up out of a dense layer of bean plants, the trees are about as green as they get, and the rain clouds gather on the surrounding mountain tops almost every day.
  No matter what we face, no matter how many discouraging setbacks we experience, God is always faithful. His work goes on, despite our own failings and shortcomings. Someday all things will become clear. Until then, we will carry on! Keep us all in your prayers.


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