“His hand is in every detail.”

This morning we heard at devotions something that struck  me.

 “And if I could tell you all,you would see how God has done all,and I nothing. I(we) have worked hard,very hard. That is all;and I have never refused God anything.”-Florence Nightingale

I watch my fellow nurses…I watch Hans…I watch Donny and Thea…I watch Janell…I watch Brandon…
Yes,we work hard. Very hard at times. Our minds and bodies are taxed(at times) and yet….it is God that is doing all. His hand is in every detail. I truly believe it. With all my  heart.

With Alyssa being gone…we missed her. (Not her work but her presence) I’m always shocked to see how evryone joins hands to carry the load. Ellamae has become a pro a prenatal consultations. Bravo! Kayla picked up my lose ends…Hans took care of all the controlling and helped Fré Dolph. I’m blessed. It did seem that….well…the babies all wanted to be born the end of April and beginning of May. I guess they wanted spring birthdays!!;) I believe I prayed away quite a few….desperate for a full nights sleep. (I did pray that whatever was best would regardless of my comfort)

Ellamae did great at her first delivery. Happy to be her teacher.😉

Kayla,Hans, and I had a bumpy ride out to Fonds de Blan….
After a crazy hike in the rain,Mis Marquise called me down to clinic for an emergency she said…a severely preeclampic woman in labour.  I had referred her to FDB,but she didn’t take it seriously. So here she lay….in labour. With a sky high blood pressure. We administered the correct meds…changed from my wet hiking clothes and took off. The trail was nice and bumpy after tropic downpours. Hans did great. Kayla and I switched off holding the IV bag… it was 7pm by the time we got on the next bumpy leg of journey…her cries and moans got closer and between comforting her telling her to ‘Pren Ké’ take heart…I prayed…we all sighed a huge sigh when we pulled in the nicely lit,clean OB ward. The joy ,the relief of placing her in the have of very capable doctors.  I felt like I lost 50lbs right there. We feasted on Pringles as we drove back to Petit Gôave.

These little children never cease make my heart squeeze with joy. … my little Plumpy Nut babies. He was such a grump…tiny…his skinny neck barely held his head up. Now….he’s a little sweat heart. He lisps name and just kinda go “ahhhhhh”

He’s a new patient…I can hardly wait to see him nice and chubby….

This is one brave little feller…. you see the size of those burns?????well….he didn’t cry a tear. At one point he asked me in such calm,cool voice…”Mis Mali…ou preské fini??” (Are you almost done)  I bent down to look at him,”Does it hurt cheri? ”  He gave me the cutest lopsided grin…”yah it does…” how can help but kiss such an cute little child??They are such day brightners…I cherish those moments.

This is a day late….I’ve finally managed to load my pictures. Yay!!

Mis Mali

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