God is Good!

One morning when I arrived at clinic, I noticed that someone had changed the quote on the white board. I didn’t really stop and read it till later in the morning.
“I will never give you more then you can handle. I will let you bend but will not let you break” -Jesus. Wow, just exactly what I needed right then. Isn’t it amazing how God does that?

Some days, the stress in the amount of work we have to do is overwhelming. But I’m constantly reminded that God will give me the strength to do what I’m called to do here.
This week has been very stretching, tiring, and stressful. Every single day had it own set of difficulties.        

Monday was a long full day with seeing just over 130 people total.
Tuesday dawned bright an early, with lots of knocks on the gate. People who had cuts that needed to be stitched, laboring mothers and little sleep.
  Mali and I had a lady in labor. A 13 year old mom. Yep, you heard right. 13. Our hearts broke. She wasn’t progressing very fast so we told them to call us if anything changed… and we went to bed. We had barely been sleeping when we heard the knock on the gate and we made our way to clinic, but she really hadn’t changed. That night we made our way to clinic 4 times till the night was over. On one of the trips down, we where greeted with a huge group of people who had brought in another laboring mother. Due to the high risk in such young girls giving birth, we transferred out first laboring patient out to a bigger hospital. Just after Alex and Mali left for TG with her, we welcomed our 3rd laboring mother.  I wondered to myself how much more we really could take, and as evening started to near I started to worry about loosing my second nights sleep. Neither of the ladies seemed in a big hurry to have their baby’s. Finally around 1:00am the urgent gate knock came. We hurried down to clinic to be welcomed with the wonderful sound of a baby crying! I was so happy!  We still had a lady in labor, who wasn’t making any progress. In the morning, we started clinic, but it was soon decided that we needed to take our lady out to a bigger hospital. It wasn’t long till Alex, Mali and I left for TG. Thankfully we made it out to town safely and transferred her to a bigger hospital.  We found out that the first girl we transferred out had a C-section and mom and baby are doing well. We are still waiting to hear what the rest of the story is on our 2nd transfer but we are praying that everything went well for her too!
  Please to continue to pray for us. Big decisions and nights without sleep are stressful. We NEED your help!

In HIS service -Mis Ellamae

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