Twins and Much More!!

As I walked into the house one afternoon this past week, the song  “My Jesus knows just what I need” was playing. 

That phrase replayed in my mind. How true!! I soon began to think of the many ways that God had blessed us over the past several days. After a week of sleepless nights/ stressful clinic days/ big decisions etc. God saw need for a “ti repoze”. Last Friday, we awoke to about 3 1/2″ of rain. PTL!! We were not just thankful for the rain but also predicted a small clinic day which proved to be true. 

After a relatively quiet weekend, we dived into another week. This week has been more or less the usual. Colds, minor flu symptoms, cuts, scraps, and abscesses. 
On the subject of abscesses, imagine walking about with your face half swollen and you can barely open your mouth. Your face hurts so bad you don’t want anyone to touch it BUT the only way for relief is for the infection to come out. That is the life of several people in Haiti. Why?? I don’t have all the answers but many are tooth infections that have not been treated. No one would have wanted to be there to open the one abscess. It was a smell beyond description. If the one patient had been left she could have died before long due to a systemic infection. 

Another lady came in with a fast growing Tumor! She is eight months pregnant. Pray that God can give wisdom and direction in this situation. Her best solution is surgery in Mirebalais Hospital. She is a poor mountain woman who could never come up with the funds it would take for such a surgery. Pray she is depending on all of us!! 

The major excitement of the year happened on Wednesday afternoon!  ( I would love to let Mali or Ellamae share this story since they were involved but since it is my week to blog I will tell you what I was told;)) We were all awoke Wednesday morning to a message bearer telling us there is a lady in labour. Mali and Ellamae went down to clinic to check her status. She was progressing so they stayed with her. We started clinic. Around 1:00 pm there was news that a baby girl was born! BUT she still had another one. After about another 2 hours, a little boy made his appearance. Our hearts were all filled with gratitude to God for a healthy delivery of the TWINS!! Congratulations Mali and Ellamae you did an amazing job!! 
                Happy, tired, nurses!!
Thanks to God for providing for us so richly. Thanks to each one who reads this blog and supports us through pray and in many other ways. We feel the affects everyday!! 
~ Alyssa 
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