Hello everyone! Greetings to y’all from Haiti! I am Gloria Nolt! November 13th I made the big trip from Iowa to Haiti! Since than my days  have been full of experiences . This has been my first time in Haiti so upon arriving I really didn’t know what to expect! So far I love it! I work in the pharmacy at the clinic, help deliver babies bandage up cuts, etc. What ever else needs to be done!

There’s always so much to learn this pass week Autumn Stauffer came to visit us! We really enjoyed having her here for a couple of days and  I really appreciate it when she offered me her arm to practice putting IV in!
God never changes,  no matter where we are at ! His beautiful paintings,  his protecting hand, his love for his people and so much more! Its just as much here as it is the states! Some days are tough; you miss your family, there’s the language barrier when you try to communicate with the people and it gets really frustrating, those crazy busy days, etc. It’s those days that you really learn to trust God to help you through! You realize alone I am worthless but with God I can face the day in faith and know he will provide for our needs and for all the people around us!
One story that really stuck with me happened over the time Marcille was in the states for a wedding! It was 6:30 Sunday morning there was a knock at the gate announcing an emergency at the clinic , we rushed  out of bed up to  the clinic, upon arriving we found a big crowd (the whole Aleg town must have been there ) an in the middle of the crowd lay a cot which upon it lay a young mother in labor with high blood pressure an seizures (eclampsia). We rushed around did what we could an prepared her for the bumpy 2 hour  ride to another hospital! On the way there the baby was born an not In good shape at all they worked hard to keep him alive when they  finally arrived at there destination they thought the baby was gone , but it seemed to come back to life an they continue fighting for it !  After handling the mom an baby over to other nurses an doctor an hoping an Praying that they will both be ok the tired crew headed back up the mountains!  they arrived back at the mission with their story to tell of how people along the trail had given them blankets an towels to use (as they had grabbed none of that before they headed out ), an water! We didn’t hear from the mom and baby for awhile but when we did it wasn’t the best news the baby didn’t surviveđź’” an the mom was still in the hospital! My prayer is that God would be with the family an comfort them all! John 16:33 In the world he shall have tribulation but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world!  In this world there gonna be hard things an  we don’t understand why it happened but we know God is in control an has overcome this world! In that we can find peace!
God be with y’all! Thanks for all your support and prayers! 
Love, Mis Gloria
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