God Answers Prayer

Recently, I’ve been thinking about prayer… I forget how powerful prayer is and how Close God is. He is always there right beside us all we need to do is reach out to Him. 
I was telling one of my Haition friends about some personal struggles I was having and  she just said “Marcile, pray about it. God says ask and ye SHALL receive” ! Its just that simple but yet sometimes it’s so hard to have faith and beleive that God does hear even if he doesn’t answer right away. But it’s so encouraging and exciting when you see prayers answered! 
The answered prayer that sticks out most to me most is one of the Births we had last week… It was the mom’s second baby and she was moving along quite fast in labor. I expected things to keep moving fast and thought maybe we’d have a baby before too long. But for some reason I had this lerking feeling or thought or instinct or what ever you want to call itπŸ™ƒ that it might not be that way. Working here in the medical field and it seems especially in Births it’s amazing how often that instinct/feeling is actually real.  The laboring mom reached pushing stage with full blast contractions. Baby’s heart beat was normal all a long and actually stayed normal all through out the birth. Our poor mamma had a lot of work to do. The tired mama finially delivered her big boy after an extremely long exhausting 2 hours for her and the nurses. It may not seem that long to you but for a mom’s second baby it’s long, also living back in the mountains approx. 5 hours away from a hospital, being late in the evening when the trails aren’t safe to travel it’s not a good feeling!!! The family and nurses prayed that baby out. God answered our prayers with a screaming healthy baby boy and a healthy mama!πŸ’™
There are many other prayers that get answered… The little things like sunshine, we’ve been having rain EVERY SINGLE DAY and I must say I’ve been complaining about it but God blessed us with 2 beautiful days of sunshine! Another one is one of the mom’s on the prental program was extremely anemic. I did everything I could to help her hemaglobin rise so that she could deliver here at the clinic. She came in labor… It was her 6th baby and she always had great Births. She did NOT want to need to make the extremeemly uncomfortable ride out to town, and by the way we didn’t either! It was late at night and like I said before the trail isn’t safe at night the last while. I was afraid to recheck her iron but we prayed and it was normal!!! 
God also answered our prayers by sending us another nurse to replace our pharmacist that will be leaving the beginning of December. Gloria Nolt will be filling Micky’s place! I’ll let her introduce herself in one of the next blog posts.
One of my favorite things about starting out a new day at clinic is our prayer time each morning. One of the clinic staff prays outside with all the paients that came to be seen that day. Then inside the clinic the clinic staff gathers to pray together before the day starts. It always warms my heart when I hear different prayers.
We would really appreciate your help in prayer! Some of the things we have been praying for/about have been… 
β€’ Guy clinic staff. We are desperately in need of 2 guys to work in clinic. 
β€’ There are some hungery youth that have been asking questions about serving the Lord and living a Christian Life that glorifies God. We have been meeting with them and having Bible studies. Please help us pray that God would give us wisdom and continue to open their hearts. 
β€’ Safety on the trail/traveling 
β€’ A continual close relationship with God for us clinic staff so that we can be that shining light and clear testimony for the Lord. 
β€’ Funds for our new clinic building/birth center
-Mis Marcile
**Editor’s note: Marcile sent this to me to post a few weeks ago, but due to editorial mismanagement πŸ™ˆ, it’s being published today.  Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!
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