Update from Mis Gloria

Hello friends,
       Greetings to you all! It’s a beautiful day in Haiti .I’m laying out in a hammock under the gazebo and swinging in the cool breeze. There’s a beautiful bright orange butterfly floating around the hibiscus bush beside the gazebo here, a bird perched up in a tree just singing to his hearts content,  the skies are blue with white fluffy clouds just floating lazily around and the mountains are covered  in green. It’s another day all created by God! After a whole week of rain everyday, there’s nothing like a couple beautiful days like this! It lifts up my  spirit and brings a new song to my heart! 
  We had another busy day at the clinic today.  Last week when it rained everyday, we saw very fre patients, since most of our patients walk to clinic. Who wants to travel on a slippery muddy trail and a great chance of getting rained on? We enjoyed those slow days and were happy for the chance to catch our breath a little. On Monday, the sun was shining and I don’t think there was an empty place to sit on our benches outside the clinic till probably about 12 oclock. I guess everyone that didn’t come the week before decided to come this week! 
    April 1st Trent got to be one of our patients after getting his finger smashed between 2 rocks while him and one of the neighbor boys were unloading rocks for our new birthing Center . It was open down to the bone Marcille put 5 stitches in and he went right back to work. It healed up really nice with no infection which we were very thankful for! 
    Right now one of our patients that is staying in our hospital room is a 26 year old lady who came in with very high blood sugar and a badly infected diabetic ulcer on her foot! She was so weak she couldn’t walk so her family often carried her around. We worked hard to get her blood sugar down. After several days of treatment, she is now hopping around on crutches all by herself. It’s just amazing to see the healing take place. It’s things like this that make us wanna keep on fighting even when it seems what we’re doing isn’t making a difference! 
“With men this is impossible,  but with God all things are possible.” ~ Matthew 19:26~
  Today we had a mom and her 6 week old  twin boys come for a check up! She was followed here at the clinic during pregnancy than due to living so far away from the clinic and a fast labor and delivery, she didn’t make it to clinic in time so she just ended up having them at home! They’re both doing great! 
       Pray for our team’s safety as we labour here! God bless you all.   Love, Gloria Nolt

               Mom with her twin boys! 
               The day Trent was our patient 

What the waiting area looks like on a busy                                  day

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