Update by Mis Marcile

Clinic life had slowed down for a couple weeks which gave us the break we needed! 
Clinic days have been ranging from 30 to 45 patients a day which is on the small side. Rainy season and bean harvest always seem to keep people from coming even if they are sick!  But the night birth/emergency calls have picked up again! 
Every bed in our hospital room had been filled but today we were able to send everyone home except 2. Saint Luke went back for his randevou and will stay at the hospital for a week doing therapy. He is such a fun guy to have around. Sometimes during the night when we get a night call we find him down at clinic joking with the other patients and make them laugh, sometimes till the tears run! 
Ou diabetic girl that we talked about in the previous post will be going home this weekend with a appointment to come back every other day to rebandage and check her blood sugar. 
I’m amazed over and over how God created our bodies to heal. Its such a rewarding feeling to send patients home that came in very sick and we see them walk back out on their 2 feet with a smile on their face! God is an amazing God and I’m so thankfully that we get to be his hands and feet. 
A variety of interesting stitch jobs and births have been keeping us awake at night! We had a mom come in, In labor. I had been following her on the prenatal program and everything was looking normal. She showed up one morning 3 days later and we were unable to find the baby’s heart beat. I did a quick ultrasound just to confirm the baby had died. It was difficult telling the family that their dear little baby had passed. Labor continued, once it came to pushing I knew that this was not going to be easy. Baby was large and mama had an extremely difficult time pushing baby out. We prayed and prayed and God gave this dear mama and the midwives the strength and the grace we needed. 
Tuesday night we had a sleepless night! 3 moms in labor kept us nurses running from room to room! We had 2 babies born 3 minutes apart and the next one was born 3 hrs later. We had some tired nurses at clinic the next day but very very thankful for good deliveries with healthy moms and babies. 
We are very excited to have our new “clinic guy” here. Cody Martin, from Indiana joined us about a week ago. He’ll  be helping with the bandage patients and all the other little jobs that us girls and some others had been filling in since we didn’t have any guys here. Jobs like classing the dossiers at the end of the day,  taking the vitals of each patient before they get their consultation and anything else that needs to be done.

This little guy is our miracle boy. He’s been on the malnutrition program for several years. He started out very  malnourished and mentally handicapped. He’s 4 years old now and we began giving up hope that he’d ever walk and a couple weeks ago he came in for his appointment walking by himself! 

3 babies born within 4 hours, hence the tired smiles. 😁
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