Hello everyone!

I thought I’d write a post one last time!

 My life has changed a lot in the last month and I guess things changed for everyone at the GTH mission. You just learn to except change and go with the flow and learn how to quickly settle into a new normal. There have been quite a few staff changes and me being one of them!

I have moved on to a new phase in life, courtship.

I left my Aleg home of almost 2 years and moved to Port-au-Prince.  It was hard to leave as I felt like I was leaving my family, all my friends and the work that I loved. But I was also excited about about what God had in store for me. I’m so thankful for the time I was able to serve at GTH clinic. Thinking back over my time spent there, I just have this flood of memories that come to my mind.  So many sad and painful experiences but also many fun and joyful experiences.  I will never trade my time spent at GTH for anything. God has taught me so much and showed himself so faithful. 

To the staff at the mission and Clinic… keep fighting the good fight and serving the Lord by serving the  dear people you are working with. I love you all and will keep you all in my prayers 🙏.

A sneak peek into one of my days at clinic!

Please keep praying for the Mission and all the staff. Pray for wisdom and loving gentle hearts. Some days are very stressful and the decisions that need to be made are not always easy. 
– Marcile

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