Update from Mis Gloria

 Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is suppose to look like an enjoying it for everything that it is ~Mandy Hale~

   Hello everyone 

Its been a couple month since I wrote . There sure have been a lot of changes since last time . They were changes I definitely never pictured to happened here in my life in Haiti . 

Changes that change our lives . Changes that we really don’t like . Changes that give us a choice of allowing it to build us stronger an bring us closer to God or to tear us down farther away from God .  

One thing that has never changed though an never will is- God. Going thru the death of our boss Trent . Being without administrators for a couple month taking on more responsibilities . Change of staff . Then getting new temporary administrators . Trying to find a new normal in it all .  Thru all this God has never just let us hang there . He always meets our needs . He hears our weary cry. Our God is faithful.  He keeps his promises “I will never leave thee , nor forsake thee.”~Hebrew 13:5~

I am doing the malnutrition, milk program , and blood pressure program now. I enjoy it ,working with children and the older people.  It also helps me with my creole – forces me to learn more, having to communicate with people more! 

The last couple days have been busy . We definitely are happy about the part that we’re having quite a few moms coming in to have their babies.  The last couple months had been slow for birth . It was nice to have a break but now we’re happy that it’s picking up ! 

Beginning of last week the team that came to change the school house roof made it back to the states safely.  We were very thankful for all they did an enjoyed having them here . Now since the roof is changed hopefully they can start school any day now . 

August 28 we all enjoyed a nice trip to Grand Goave beach where we met with some other mission staff youth. Had a bible study and then spent the rest of the day relaxing and chilling at the beach.  Made lots of good memories and had some good laughs. We all needed it . A day to relax and leave all our responsibilities back at the mission.  

Please keep Praying for us!

•for wisdom to all work together  so this mission can bring glory and honor to God . 

•that we can help the hurting even when are own hearts are also hurting.  

•that people can see Jesus in us as we strive to be his hands an feet .

• that the new birth Center project can continue since things have been on hold since Trents death. 

• for our safety as there’s lots of unrest, shootings an kidnaping. 

•Erica and her children 

         Mis Gloria
One of the many cute babies on our malnutritious program!
One of the many cute babies on our malnutritious program!
Gathered together for the bible study at the beach.
Pic of our staff with the group that came to change the school house roof.
Pics of the roof project they did.

The whole group that got together at the beach that day.
Me taking care of a child on the malnutrition program.
Doing the blood pressure program!

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