Hello! I am Mackenzie King! I came the end of May, so I have been here for a little over two months. I am 20 years old and am from Lancaster, PA. As a job, I worked at a local nursing home as a Certified Nursing Assistant and really enjoyed it! 
I am doing the milk and malnutrition program. I am really enjoying meeting the children and seeing them grow and get healthier from more food and nutrients! 
I am also helping out with the bandage program since Todd will be leaving soon. Todd came to fill in for three months until someone can come fill that position more long-term.   I am enjoying caring for the wounds and learning what works best for different types of wounds.

Our current team 

A bandage patient with an abscess near her collar bone 

A little boy with a broken arm. We splinter it before sending him to TiGoave. 

Mis Mackenzie

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