Update from Mis Marla

It was a fun light evening of sitting around boss’ kitchen table playing beans, drinking tea an eating fiber balls. When 9:30 rolled around, we came up and crashed in our own beds; but then there was a gate knock.  It sounded like a stitch job, so Mackenzie, Clyde and I went out and met the guy at the gate. He had a cut about an inch long on his cheek. Mackinze washed the wound while I gathered the stitching supplies. I numbed the wound with lidocaine and then put in the 3 small stitches. It looked good, and the black thread matched right into the guys wanna be beard. As we washed the bed and got the room looking tidy again, James brought in a patient having an asthma attack. He had taken the machine up to church and brought them down to clinic. Miss Leida was with them too.
The patient was breathing hard. It took all her energy to get a breath of air.
In a panic she grabbed her legs as she sat on the emergency bed while James held the nebulizer for her. 
Wheezing hard as she gasped for air. We stayed with her giving her care till she was stable and then gave her a bed in the hospital room for the night telling Osley to come knock on the gate if her breathing got to hard again. It was fun to work with Miss Leida (she has worked at the clinic for the past 20 some years as a nurse)
Mackenzie assisted her, and I jotted down the vitals and time.
After we did everything we could, we waited  until the medication started working. Miss Leida rubbed and patted the patient’s back, singing and then praying for her making the emergency room into a worship center! At 12:30, we headed back home a little sleepy but the cool night air waking Mackenzie and I up again making us realize that we were both hungry so befor bed (and the long chat we had) we ate bread with some of Mackenzie’s   precious jam she got in the mail from family… 
Though we slept the rest of the night away it felt too short, and 6:30 came too soon! 
Sometimes I forget about life out side of our little compound that sits in between the valley of the mountains. For the twenty some weeks that I have been here so much has happened. The good and bad, the hard an rewarding, staff that came and went.
It’s all a part of of life down here. But through it all we continue to see the faithfulness of God, prayers that are heard, and hearts that have been redeemed! Whatever happens next, we find peace in knowing that God is in control; and if we call on him, he will answer!
“For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, And My covenant of peace will not be shaken,” Says the LORD who has compassion on you.     Isaiah 45:10
Mis Marla
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