Update from Marla

This post is written by Marla, almost a month ago and I made a mistake and didn’t get it posted. I’m sorry. Enjoy her words almost a month late. ☺️
It’s December and only a couple days away from Christmas and vacation! We’re trying to wrap the year up, and with end of year cleaning and inventory we have our work cut out for us. 
It’s been a good year and as I reflect I see the faithful hand of God, He never did leave us.  He walked with us through the pain and joy. 
When we had no answer and wondered why, He was there and understood. 
When there’s a baby that doesn’t have a mom that loves her and lives and then there’s a mother that grieves for the loss of her newborn child because she loved her baby even before she was born. 
I find myself asking God why. This land is filled with so much pain, loss and beauty. 
Yesterday as I sat in the emergency room and held a child who couldn’t breathe well because of a cold, my heart broke for the child as the DR recommended that they stay longer and do a few more treatments but the mom/Grandma said she didn’t have time so they left.
Today I held a little girl, her and her twin sister are on the milk program their cheeks are chubby and their hair is now long enough to be put into braids, the mom’s face lit up like a proud mom because of her daughters. 
It’s not in how much things we have or are given that makes life beautiful but it’s when you have someone that cares.
I hope this Christmas brings you joy! Share the gift of Chrsit and be that someone who cares!
Thank you all for your support and prayers! 
Merry Christmas- Miss Marla Zimmerman
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