Update from Mackenzie

Some people don’t believe in God because of the suffering in this world. I was thinking about that and came to the conclusion that God is not the one who causes suffering. It is because of the fall. We are sinners, and the world is not perfect anymore. I saw one of my little babies on the milk program. She came in with dry, hard skin from scabies all over her body. I talked to the mom and dad and explained how serious the condition of their child is. She is eight months old and weighs ten pounds. As Loveda and I bathed her, we rubbed the soap into her head, and she was so happy. Her little skin was so itchy! She has been coming everyday now for a couple of days for Loveda and I to track her progress and give her a bath. She is really responding. Each day she comes, her skin is a little better, and she is more alert. Thank God for healing! Each day we see hurting people. There is so much hurt in this world because of sin, but Jesus is the REDEEMER. He is the true HEALER whether we have physical or spiritual needs. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We could not do it without you! 
Mis Mackenzie

The little girl on the milk program 

                                  We went visiting 

This little girl was born near the end of our clinic day 

My family had an opportunity to visit me last month! 
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