Cholera Up date

   A short update on the cholera epidemic. We heard this morning the doctor was out in the area from where the cholera patients come from and he says that their water way and source of water has been contaminated, he is sending a group of people out to treat the water today, we ask for prayer that it would stop the epidemic from getting worse and spreading further into other areas. What could have happened is that someone buried a person who passed away from cholera and it made its way into the water source.
   It didn’t sound hopeful that they would start up the cholera clinic out there anytime soon, it could take a few weeks for that to happen. So we cleared more area in the depot and Steve got a load of meds from CAM yesterday, so we are prepared to treat a huge amount if needed. We are hoping it will not get worse then it is.
   We released two patients and had around 4 or 5 come in. Couple of them are quite sick and a few of them are Fish Bowl Patients, (Patients not on bed or intravenous) just drinking oral re hydration stuff (OR) and being observed for a few hours and released. We are seeing more patients that come in with the slightest stomach ache or they felt something not quite right with them, yesterday, we call it fear, so we check them out and make sure they’re fine and send them on down the trail again.

Picture of some patients in the tent.

Katie Lapp, she is the main day shift CTC nurse.
Ben Gavin. He is also on day shift does the heavy lifting, etc.
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