Her Heart Touches My Heart

    She came in a orange shirt. I thought she was pregnant. But she had a two month baby along with her, so that ruled out that possibility. She just looked so unwell, that she stuck out to us. We told her to jump the line and come into the consultation room.

   She didn’t complain of any pain, but her pulse and chaotic heart pulsations are making us sure that something crazy, and, maybe, septic, is happening.
    We put her on IV, Ceftriaxone, and Metronidazole, and watched her all afternoon…praying, hoping, and analyzing. We started attacking the fluid with Furosemide. We have added a few other meds since then, specifically to target her anemia, and tachycardia.

    Now, as night falls, I wonder if you could kneel down for a minute before you fall asleep and breathe a  prayer for the life of this suffering woman. God knows, and He can heal!
    Thank-you everyone, and Good-night! Rhoda for the Ahelege team

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