Hello  everyone from sunny south 

Today its started out to be a beautiful sunny day here in Haiti , now the clouds are rolling in looks like it could possibly rain again . We have had quit a bit of rain the last couple days which is real nice cuz it seemed to be getting dry an this rain seems to be perfect 4 all the gardeners! 

This past week my parents came to visit me an I really enjoyed there stay . There visit got extended a couple days due to some unrest in Port . Also with them  went Marcille an Jacinda.  Marcille is on furlough for 2 weeks . Jacinda term is up, made us all sad to see her leave we enjoyed her so much . She served here for a year as domestic help , now Loraine stutzman came to take her place! 

Seems like this past week was really full . I did my first stitch job on a little boys  ,he had fallen on a rock making a little gash in his forehead. Only took 3 stitches an last time we saw it , it was healing up real nicely.  Yesterday  afternoon a little girl came with a cut on her forehead an she was not planning to let us stitched it up , she was a feisty little thing I held her down while mis Junie (a haitian nurse ) did her best to put a couple stitches in ! 

Little boy that got a gash on his forehead all wrapped up an ready to go

27th of January we had a month old baby coming in her mom had a real bad breast infection , baby weighed 5lbs 7oz . My mom had fun bathing an feeding the baby , she is gaining weight already her little face is becoming fatter 🥰  so good to see that ! 

The little 5lb 7oz baby !

2 little girls that were born here at the clinic !
My mom an me holding the 2 little girls!

My parents brought  some seeds for us girls  , so were having fun seeing what we can all grow ! They all started off great now to see if we can keep them alive ! 😊

Planting our seeds !

Our plants that are still nicely growing!

Sunday afternoon we hiked up to the mountain to our favorite grassy spot with some of the neighborhood youth we sang some songs together in creole, made a bonfire an than roasted hot dogs than just spend the rest of the afternoon up there playing game . Me an Marcile had to run back down to the clinic to wrap up a little girls hand that she had cut between her fingers on some tin. After we were done we hiked back up the mountain plus all the rest of the family as we were planning to have supper up there but as soon as everyone was up on the mountain it started to rain so we all headed back down, till we got to the bottom of the mountain the trail was getting slippery by the minute .seems as soon as it rains those trails get slick like ice . We than just ate our supper in the gazebo. Thankful that we have a nice dry place to go too when it rains! Unlike some of our friends ! 

Our sunday afternoon on the mountain!

Time here has taught me a lot . I realize how much God has blessed me with ,seeing  how many things I take so often for granted an  Just learning to bless other people with things I’ve been blessed with ! Our life on this earth is but a vapor may we live every moment for Jesus. 

Love, Gloria Nolt

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